Contact Lenses

Modern contact lenses are so simple and convenient it’s easy to take them for granted. But millions of lives are transformed every day by the freedom and flexibility they offer. You can wear contacts most of the time, with glasses, or simply when you prefer to leave them at home. Contact lenses are ideal for those who like to lead an active lifestyle, from kids to adults we have a large variety that will suit you. We have a large range of prescriptions so your not limited to wear prescription glasses.

There are a large range of factors which will influence your final decision, such as budget, lifestyle and routine – come into the store where Paul, Jaclyn and Melissa can assist you in finding the right solution.


  • Wearing contact lenses allows people to see your eyes better. Some people don’t like their appearance in eyeglasses
  • Contact lenses may allow better vision correction due to the reduced obstruction from eyeglass frames
  • They provide excellent peripheral vision
  • They don’t fog up when you come in out of the cold
  • They don’t get splattering during rain showers
  • They don’t get in the way during sports and other recreational activities


  • Contact lenses require adaptations. New soft lens wearers typically adjust to their lenses within a week. Rigid lenses generally require a longer adjustment period
  • Except for some daily disposable varieties, almost all lenses require regular cleaning and disinfection, a process that, although requiring only a few minutes a day, is more than some people are willing to undertake
  • Contact lenses have to be inserted and removed on a daily basis