Colorimetry is usually performed to determine the potential benefits of using coloured lenses for those suffering from visual stress or learning difficulties. It is believed that by toning the contrast between words and the background, reading and writing are made easier. Here are what our patients have said about the treatment process:

Dave Pettet

Hi Paul,

Well it’s been a couple of weeks and I thought I’d better give you my feed back on my new coloured glasses.

Very first impressions walking though the shopping centre to get to our car (which the wife conveniently parked quite some distance away). I found I was getting dizzy if I moved my head to the point the wife was commenting my neck still moved and I should start using it. The clarity of everything was just leaving me speechless. On being driven home I noticed leaves on trees. Yup I know there have always been leaves on trees but I never saw the detail (individual leaves on branches for instance)

That first night I went to bed and decided to read a magazine. Normally I would struggle with a paragraph, going over the paragraph repeatedly to retain the information. I was ecstatic to find I had read the whole magazine in one sitting ! (and I still have that information in my brain, which I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do, as by the time I had retained the first bit of information I went to read the next section and promptly forgot the first). Illustrated books have been very useful over the years but now I can get the detailed information and instructions.

I am still learning how to adjust to distances such as when parking a car as this with the magnified mirrors and multifocal lens I have to take extreme care.

My first day out flying my model aeroplane was such a pleasure as although I was quite adept at flying (having done so since I was 5 years of age) I can now fly at great height and judge the distance to the ground so much better for a cleaner landing. No more handing the controls over to fellow flyers as I’d lost my plane against the clouds and sky.

It is extremely hard to put into words how much difference these glasses have made to my every day living. Such simple things that now stand out clearly that others have commented on but I have been in total denial – the state of my garage/workshop for instance. The family have been on my back forever about the shocking state of this area and I have considered them to be petty and nit picking. Oh dear, I now have to admit to seeing exactly what they are on about and what a task I have ahead of me, tidying up and sorting through the general chaos. I’ll be busy for weeks.

Getting these glasses have had a slight negative on me emotionally as I could easily get very depressed on thinking how many years I have missed out on so many very simple pleasures in life all the for the lack of availability (knowledge as well as actual product) of such a simple tool as coloured lenses.

You can readily use my name and phone number for anyone who isn’t sure about taking this step. I applaud those who made this discovery as well as those practitioners who carry on with this highly valuable work. The gift this gives to a human being is immeasurable.

Thank you from the bottom of my (families) heart

Dave Pettet.

Megan Hood

My name is Megan Hood and I am 17 years old. I have been classically trained in violin for 10 years, achieved excellent grades and love reading. However, even though I love playing sport, I have never possessed the skills or ability to excel. At the beginning of year 10, I began to notice some strange things starting to occur. Firstly, it became harder and harder to read my music and my sight-reading ability became increasingly worse. My grades began to slip from an A to a B, and I was finding it very difficult to keep up with the class work, and consequently I had to do more homework. Reading became a chore and I found myself using my finger to keep my place, skipping words and lines and re-reading sections. In March, 2012, I complained to my Mother about my struggles, and based on the urge of my orchestra conductor I made an appointment to get my eyes checked. At first, I was prescribed reading glasses, however as I have perfectly clear vision, the optometrist directed me to Mr Paul Todd, whose speciality is in dealing with those suffering from Visual Stress. We talked about the symptoms that I was facing, including inability to read my music and the problems I was facing with my schoolwork. As I explained, it became evident to Mr Todd that I could be suffering from Visual Stress, and so he did a colour test on me. This included reading a passage of writing in a set time, and to see if a coloured overlay would improve my capability to read. Without the coloured overlay, I missed lines, re-read sections and stumbled over tricky words. However when the overlay was introduced, I immediately could read the passage with ease; no stumbling or skipping parts.

In March 2012, I was officially diagnosed with Visual Stress, or Mears-Irlen Syndrome. I initially started with a purple coloured overlay over my work and my teachers assisted me by printing my work on purple paper. However, my school is a technology-intergrated school and the large amount of boardwork that all my teachers did proved hard to cope with. At this point we decided to make the move towards coloured-tinted lenses. I had the “colourimetry” assessment done, and determined the exact purple tint that was best suited to my eyes.

The first time I put my glasses on, I could not believe what I saw. Its a feeling I cannot explain, except that I felt like laughing and crying all at the same time. The change was unbelievable – everything stopped moving, and it was all in focus.

I have experienced some social problems based upon the appearance of the glasses; after all, it is not every day that someone walks past with purple tinted lenses. Name calling and bullying are no strangers to me, but the amazing benefits of wearing the glasses and seeing normally hugely outweighed anything anyone said about me.

My grades are now high B’s and A’s and I have topped two of my classes; I can drive properly and I now read for pleasure. I am now using contacts, which are helping me enormously with sport, driving and music.

This treatment has changed my life, and I cannot explain how thankful I am for how much it has helped me.

The symptoms that I had include:
> skipping words and lines, when reading, frequently re-reading passages
> lack of depth perception
> visual discomfort when seeing spots or stripes
> inability to cope with strobe lighting