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Sunglasses and Accessories

Extend the life of your eyewear with the perfect accessories

5 star rating

“Nothing but positive feedback! The staff are absolutely lovely and were totally cool with how picky I am! Thanks again for the great service and care!”

– A. Rose

5 star rating

They cover the basics, but Paul also helps out with the details of fit and comfort as well as glasses for special purposes : computer, close work, or driving.”

– J. Ravet


At Spectrum Family Eyecare we have a variety of sunglasses to choose from to protect your eyes from the sun and harmful UV rays.

Our friendly team will help you find frames to suit your facial features and suitable lens colours and types to match your personal style and taste.

Our sunglasses suppliers include:

Eyecare Accessories


Storing your glasses in your handbag or pocket is asking for trouble! Your case is extremely important for keeping your glasses safe and scratch-free.

We have a range of cases in our clinic at Spectrum Family Eyecare, so you can keep your glasses safe and secure for years to come.


Create multiple looks from your one pair of beloved glasses. Clip-on lenses are perfect for transforming your prescription lenses to prescription sunglasses, without the need to purchase an entirely new pair of glasses. Clip-on or magnetic sunglass options are available making life even easier and more convenient!

Optical appliances

If you need to enhance your vision whilst reading the newspaper in the mornings, or building scale models, we have a solution for you. At Spectrum Family Eyecare we have magnifying glasses available in our practice that will help you see the finer details in life that you have been missing.

Glasses cords & chains

Do you get frustrated having to find your case each time you take your glasses off? A cord or chain could be your solution as they keep your glasses hanging around your neck for convenience. Glasses cords and chains date back to the 1860s and have re-emerged into fashion every 30 years.

Fit-over sunglasses

Fully protect your eyes from harsh UV rays with fit-over sunglasses. Fit-overs are designed to fit over your glasses and shield your eyes from all angles while remaining secure and comfortable on your face. Fit-overs are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new pair of prescription sunglasses.

Cleaning solutions

Cleaning your glasses with a cleaning solution and a microfibre cloth is ideal, as wiping on your clothing can scratch your lenses.

As we are passionate about our environment, if you purchase cleaning solution from our practice, we will refill your solution in the original bottle for half price!

We repair

If something unfortunate happens to your sunglasses, the last thing you want to do is have to replace them entirely, especially if they’re your favourite pair! At Spectrum Family Eyecare, we repair worn or damaged sunglasses so you can continue using your old favourites for many years to come.

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Up-style your current eyewear!

Why choose us?

Highly experienced within the eyecare industry since 1979

Friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable team

Local family-owned business

High-quality glasses repairs

Advice and tips to protect your eyes and eyewear

Accessories to reflect your personal style

How can we help you?

Eye Examination

How much do you really know about your eyesight? Book an appointment at our friendly practice for a non-invasive examination to understand your eye health. 


Our team prepare your prescription eyewear and fit your frames to ensure your new eyewear is comfortable and perfect for you and your lifestyle. 

Visual Stress Assessment

Visual stress leads to a range of symptoms. Our visual stress assessment allows us to provide the solutions you need to improve your eyesight and confidence. 

We Repair

Give your old glasses a new lease on life! We believe strongly in recycling and creating sustainable solutions. Allow us to repair your beloved worn eyewear. 


With over 500 frames to choose from, our team aim to understand your personality and lifestyle and help you find the perfect glasses to suit you. 

Contact Lenses

Reclaim your freedom with contact lenses! Sports, swimming, make-up application, and recreational activities are no longer a problem with contact lenses. 

We Care

We are passionate about helping people in developing countries. With over four million pairs of glasses thrown away each year, why not donate your preloved pairs?! 

Frequently asked questions

Storing your glasses inside a case isn’t just a great way to keep dust and dirt away from your eyeglasses, but also protects them from getting scratched, bent, or broken. We have a range of cases to select from in our clinic.

Do not use hot water or anything abrasive to clean your glasses. Methylated spirits may be used to clean particularly stubborn marks on the lenses but never use household cleaners or acetone as they can damage your frames.

As a safe option for cleaning your eyewear we offer a cleaning solution in our clinic. Plus, as a bonus if you bring your empty bottle back into the clinic, we’ll refill it for half price!