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Visual Stress Assessments

Did you know visual stress affects how you see the world?

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"...As an adult suffering with visual stress, I can now say that my coloured lens have changed my life..."

– L. Smales

5 star rating

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– H. Brown

Visual Stress

Visual stress developed from eye conditions is extremely common, however, symptoms are not always recognised as visual stress. You may have unknowingly adjusted your daily habits and the way you learn, to work around your undiagnosed eye condition. Most visual stress conditions are noticed during childhood, although are sometimes missed until adulthood.

At Spectrum Family Eyecare, we help you understand your visual stress symptoms by assessing your vision. We provide you the tools you need to alleviate your visual stress so you can unleash your true potential.

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Understanding visual stress symptoms

If you’re experiencing some irregularities with your eyesight, you may have an undiagnosed eye condition.

Words moving on the page, blurred vision, and struggling to concentrate are just a few symptoms that can occur from visual stress.

Learning and reading challenges

Visual stress can cause difficulties for both children and adults when learning and reading. Some challenges may include:

Light sensitivity (photophobia)

There are many environments where light sensitivity can occur whether indoors or outdoors. Some light sensitivity symptoms include:

Headaches and Migraines

Unfortunately, headaches and migraines can be caused by several factors. Visual stress may not be your initial thought when deciphering your symptoms. Headaches caused by visual stress may include symptoms such as:
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Reducing visual stress

Understanding your visual stress allows you to make the necessary changes to improve your day-to-day life. You will read smoother, reduce your symptoms, and in turn your confidence will grow. We often see posture adjust as confidence improves!

By performing a colorimetry assessment, utilising the Cerium Intuitive Colorimeter, we can determine the optimum tint that your eyesight recognises to help reduce your visual stress symptoms. Understanding what colours are best interpreted by your eyes can greatly improve how you learn. Our goal is to boost your confidence and skyrocket your learning capability.

Have you noticed any visual stress symptoms?

How Spectrum Family Eyecare can help

At Spectrum Family Eyecare our team are ready to help by providing you eyewear which will improve your outlook on life, literally! If you or your child are suffering from visual stress, we’d love to meet you. Whilst visiting our practice, we aim to understand you and your lifestyle so we can provide you the best eyewear solution.

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How can we help you?

Eye Examination

How much do you really know about your eyesight? Book an appointment at our friendly practice for a non-invasive examination to understand your eye health. 


Our team prepare your prescription eyewear and fit your frames to ensure your new eyewear is comfortable and perfect for you and your lifestyle. 

We Care

We are passionate about helping people in developing countries. With over four million pairs of glasses thrown away each year, why not donate your preloved pairs?! 

We Repair

Give your old glasses a new lease on life! We believe strongly in recycling and creating sustainable solutions. Allow us to repair your beloved worn eyewear. 


With over 500 frames to choose from, our team aim to understand your personality and lifestyle and help you find the perfect glasses to suit you. 

Contact Lenses

Reclaim your freedom with contact lenses! Sports, swimming, make-up application, and recreational activities are no longer a problem with contact lenses. 

Sunglasses & Accessories

Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays with sunglasses and sunglass accessories. We provide Australian Standard lenses to protect your eyesight from damage. 

Due to an increase in costs and Medicares rebate not now covering these, we have had to introduce a small fee for our half hour appointments. This is $35 for weekdays and $45 for Saturday appointments.

We have decided to help those in what we feel are 3 important groups  by introducing a fully covered examination to the following:
a) Children 16 years old and below,
b) Seniors, with proof of entitlement, and
c) Concession card holders , upon proof of entitlement at date of service. 

Frequently asked questions

Getting tired quickly when reading, squinting to focus, or having regular headaches and migraines are just a few symptoms which can result from visual stress. The best way to know if you have visual stress is to book an appointment at our clinic for an examination and discuss options on how we can help.

Our in-house Dispensing Optician has extensive knowledge with the Cerium Intuitive Colorimeter, the machine that performs the colorimetry assessment.

This assessment allows the Dispensing Optician to determine which colours and tints are best suited to your eyesight to help reduce visual stress.